Liverpool held Chelsea to a goalless draw at Stamford Bridge tonight. The hosts missed several gilt edged opportunities as another poor away performance went unpunished. Here are player ratings from the match.

Alisson – 7

Stopped Havertz from point blank range early on. Repeated the trick in the second half when the ball ricocheted in off the German’s elbow. Dallied on one backpass and almost cost the side a goal. Went apoplectic at Henderson late on. Can’t blame him. He’s way too good to be sitting in midtable and playing behind these defenders.

Gomez 4

A bit all over the place at times. Poor first half but then pulled out a 25 harder from nowhere that brought a save out of Kepa. Second half he was slightly better, tracking Chilwell excellently on occasion and Mudryk when he came on. Offered nothing going forward.

Matip – 2

Erratic. Just plain erratic. It’s so frustrating watching him, so imagine what it’s like playing behind him.

Konaté – 2.5

Wasn’t much better than his partner. Made some boneheaded mistakes. Made up for it somewhat with a goal saving block after Kovacic rounded Alisson. That was his fault though after he inexplicably tried to flick away the cross, presenting it to the Croat. Was caught up the pitch on their disallowed goal.

Tsimikas – 2

Was beaten for pace by Kante in the first minute. That was an indicator of what was to come. Shoved off the ball by Kante first half and Chelsea almost scored from it. Passed one straight back to Felix as well leading to a chance for them. Absolutely hapless.

Fabinho – 3

The slowest DM in the league. Runs in treacle it seems. Had a chance to slip Darwin through first half but took an age and was closed down by Kante. Saw a shooting chance blocked easily by Fofana before a better effort on the half volley was deflected narrowly wide by the Frenchman. Second to almost every 50-50.

Henderson – 3

Woeful on the ball. Summed up in the end when he whipped a cross straight into Gakpo’s midriff from two yards out. Absolutely shocking.

Jones 4

His first start in ages and he added nothing to be honest. Usual hustle and bustle with zero inspiration. Went back with most passes and slipped at crucial moments. Had a chance to pick out a red shirt from a good position and he chipped the cross straight into Kepa’s gloves. Best bit was a reverse pass to Jota in the box.

Jota – 3

Still looks hopelessly rusty. Everything just bounces off him. His decision making was abysmal tonight. He had a chance to slip Darwin in behind after a neat turn first half but dallied and went wide to Tsimikas instead. The worst of the lot was when he declined to shoot on his left foot after Jones released him in the box.

He attempted a dribble instead for some reason and lost the ball. Surprised he lasted the whole game. Fabio Carvalho must be piss poor in training to not even get a minute in Jota’s stead.

Firmino – 4

First 15 minutes he dropped deep into midfield, got on the ball and allowed the side to string moves together. It looked like the Bobby of old. That lasted about a quarter of an hour before he started losing balls like the rest of them and his influence waned.

Darwin 4

I don’t get how we broke our transfer record on a natural striker and then decided to shunt him out wide on the left. That works when we try to spring him in behind. When he’s faced up with a defender like he was tonight, he lacks the footwork or trickery to beat a man on the wing. A few snapshots in anger.


Robertson – 5

Gave the ball away with his very first touch. Tightened up after that and kept a close eye on Reece James.

Salah – 4

Couldn’t get in the game. With seconds left on the clock he isolated Cucurella on the right after Fabinho’s long pass. He refused to take him on however, passing it wide to Henderson instead for the worst cross you will ever see. There’s zero confidence running through this team.

Milner – 3

He was brought on to do what exactly? Open the game up with an incisive pass? He got on the ball a lot but his attempted passes forward were all easily intercepted. So slow he was beaten to a ball he had chested down.

Gakpo – 3

Not aggressive or physical enough. Played on the left wing.

Jürgen Klopp

You could see what he was trying to do. Dropping big names and hoping for a reaction. Did it work? Or did the players who came in play worse than the incumbents? The entire squad can’t be this poor. It is the manager that is unable to get a consistent tune out of them this campaign.

Another night where you’re left wondering why on earth he bothered to sign Carvalho. The kid isn’t going to prove himself without opportunities is he? Can the manager get this side back to it’s previous heights after one summer transfer window? The jury is out.



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