Liverpool hosted Arsenal in the League Cup semi final and were held to a frustrating goalless draw. Arsenal had Granit Xhaka sent off after 25 minutes but the Reds failed to capitalise as they toiled throughout. Read on for player ratings from the encounter.

Alisson – 6.5

One of few who comes out of this with a bit of credit. Was quick off his line to prevent Saka from giving Arsenal a shock lead second half. Came all the way to the right midfield position to block a Martinelli shot too second half. Didn’t really face any shots. Clean sheet.

Alexander-Arnold – 3

Poor. Wasted a good free kick opportunity after Xhaka was sent off. Terrible deliveries throughout, not at his sharpest. Probably still feeling the effects of Covid.

Matip – 7

Felt he was our best player. Stood up well when one on one with Saka in the box, denying him after a Van Dijk error. We looked most threatening when he dribbled his way up the pitch. Blazed one shot into row Z. Surprised he was taken off, he was on the bench against Shrewsbury so it’s not like he just returned from Covid like Trent. We lost that extra man dribbling up the pitch with that sub.

Van Dijk – 4.5

Was lackadaisical at times tonight. Start of the second half he passed a ball straight out of play under no pressure at all. How do you build a head of steam when you keep giving Arsenal little breaks in play? Didn’t get enough on a clearance and Saka almost scored from it. Could have passed the ball with a bit more urgency too.

Robertson – 4

Absolutely horrendous on corners tonight. I don’t know why they still let him take it to he honest, including one in injury time when he hit the first man again. Given a torrid time by Saka. Not often you see an attacker cause him to panic so much. End product wasn’t the best. Tried to combine with Jones second half but all came to nowt. Good early ball to Jota in the buildup to the sending off.

Fabinho – 3

Bullied by Lacazette in midfield. A little nudge here and there to put him off balance and Arsenal could win the ball back and basically relieve all the pressure we were building up. After scoring a brace on Sunday I don’t know for the life of me why he was so scared to try his luck from range with all the space he had. Another who played a simple pass straight out for a throw under no pressure.

Henderson – 2.5

I’m astounded he lasted 90 minutes. His shortcomings in terms of technique and close control were exposed again tonight. Just like against Chelsea, he panicked every time he was pressed. Launched hopeless long balls into the air and added nothing to the attack. Injury time and he was still playing sideway passes to Joe Gomez. He’s been absolutely dreadful the past few weeks. Pressed Ramsdale and almost forced a goal early on.

Milner – 2

Below par yet again, just like at Stamford Bridge. Poor first touch, hurried lobbed passes to nobody in particular, and not enough quality on the ball in the final third. Not sure he should still be starting big games to be honest, and he definitely shouldn’t be lasting an hour when we’re against ten men and struggling to break them down. Turned inside out by Saka a number of times.

Jota – 3

Another who was poor on the night. It’s unbelievable the number of below average performances we witnessed tonight. Jota wasn’t involved at all. Good run to get Xhaka sent off but that was it. Didn’t do anything else of note. Nodded a cross backwards when it fell to him in the box late on as he wasn’t expecting it. No shot or anything of note.

Firmino – 3.5

I thought he started well, he got on the ball, took men on and tried to force an opening. Felt we needed to get him on the ball more first half. Then second half he went completely missing. Not good enough tonight.

Minamino – 3.5

Minamino missed a sitter late on for Liverpool

Good run from his own half second half and then he overhit a cross that almost dropped in the net. Shot wide after being played through on the left at an awkward angle. Chance of the game fell to him in injury time, six yards out, goalkeeper stranded, and he blazed it into the stands. Unforgivable miss really.


Jones – 6

Played left wing when he came on and made an impact. Only one who actually tried taking on his man in the box and forcing something. Got our only shot on target in injury time as he cut in and unleashed a curled effort which Ramsdale beat away. Played in Minamino down the left too as the Japanese international shot wide.

Williams – 5

Struggled to get into the swing of things when he came on. Settled himself down though and posed a threat with his crosses from the right. Swung in a dangerous cross which nobody bothered to attack. Then Ramsdale collided with a defender and the ball fell to Williams who fizzed another dangerous cross across the face of goal.

Gomez – 5

Hit a long diagonal over Williams’ head and out of play. An unnecessary giveaway which Arsenal really appreciated. Played pretty advanced, right on the edge of the Arsenal box at times.

Oxlade-Chamberlain – 3

Game was crying out for him I felt. Finally came on and hit a shot into the stands before overhitting a cross out for a goal kick. His cross led to the big Minamino chance but he didn’t get on the ball enough. Don’t know why he didn’t just drop deep to get on the ball and try and make something happen. That was literally why he was brought on.

Jürgen Klopp

Started with a very conservative midfield. A bit strange given it’s the first leg and we needed to score a couple of goals to take away to the Emirates next week. Then they went down to ten men midway through the first half and I thought surely now he’ll sacrifice one midfielder for a more attack minded one.

That didn’t happen, not even at halftime. He waited till the hour mark to send on Jones for Milner. Then the next set of subs were after 75 minutes. Our first shot on target didn’t arrive till injury time so his reluctance to change personnel was somewhat hard to understand. Second time this season we’ve faced ten men and looked toothless.



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