Thiago Alcantara receiving treatment from the medical team

Am I the only one wondering why there’s always a need for a negative headline? It feels like media outlets intentionally go out of their way to word their headlines regarding Liverpool and injuries, as negative as possible.

Possibly due to the P.T.S.D (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) we’re all suffering from due to last season’s injury crisis from hell, we all see those headlines and assume the worst.

It rarely is as bad as they make it out to be though. From shouts of us suffering a midfield injury crisis akin to the centre back decimation we suffered last season, to headlines about seven players potentially being ruled out for Saturday’s clash against Arsenal.

First of all, we’ve suffered nothing in midfield like the craziness at centre back last season. Last I checked, we haven’t had to play centre backs in midfield (although Matip does have a DM background), neither have we had to rely on two inexperienced players who wouldn’t be anywhere near the team under normal circumstances.

Both of these scenarios happened last season. Nobody is convincing me that a midfield trio of Henderson, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Jones (used against Brighton after Keita went off injured) is akin to having Rhys Williams and Nat Phillips as centre back partnership.

Neither is anyone persuading me that the Fabinho, Henderson, Oxlade-Chamberlain trio (used in defeat to West Ham, with Thiago coming off the bench) is anything similar to partnering Fabinho and Henderson at centre back like we did against Manchester City last season.

Regarding the number of players possibly ruled out for the weekend, most players aren’t even back from international duty yet. Is it not too premature to be talking about them missing the game?

Training pictures today saw Mané in full training with Henderson and Milner training on their own. The sight of Elliott back on the grass yesterday also warmed the heart. I’m not saying it’s all sunshine and rainbows either.

Firmino won’t return till the middle of December and Jones has been ruled out for a few more weeks owing to the eye injury. Origi who could be getting more games during this period was also subbed off with what looked like an injury tonight.

EDIT: Origi is said to have just had a dead leg and should be fine for the weekend.

It’s normal with every club, and it’s normal with every international break. We have a big squad to deal with knocks and bruises. Let’s stop peddling the negativity and just wait for Jürgen Klopp to actually confirm who’s in or out in his pre-match press conference.

I’ve been enjoying a break from football these past two weeks but every now and then a negative headline will pop up and ruin my attempt to get the West Ham defeat out of the system. I know negativity helps with clicks and sales, but I wish we’d just wait for actual news. Rant over.


2 thoughts on “WHY ALL THE NEGATIVITY?

  1. We are playing Arsenal and all of a sudden everyone seems nevous. All of a sudden they dont trust the players that we have fit. I also dont understand the negetivity am sure Henderson & Milner will make it to weekend, Mane seems fit, Salah was owk yesterday, i havent seen anything about Jota yet but i think we still have a strong team. YNWA

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