Liverpool dished out a customary battering to Portuguese giants FC Porto last night as the UEFA Champions League group stages returned. Braces by Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino, with a solitary strike by Sadio Mané did the damage this time, as Liverpool took charge of their group. We look at some random thoughts post game.

° Goals galore. Liverpool have begun the season in scary form. It can go under the radar a bit due to the sheer pressure of having to win every game, but the Reds have quietly scored the most goals in the Premier League and Champions League this season. They have registered more shots on target than anyone else too. Chances are being created, goals are being scored, points are being accrued.

° Curtis Jones balling. The 20 year old created the most chances, provided the most assists, attempted the most shots, most dribbles, most passes into the opposition half and most distance covered for Liverpool in the game. It was an incredible performance and one that surely sees him keep his place for the big one on Sunday. Naby Keita will have something to say about that though.

° The irrespressible Mo Salah. Is it possible the Egyptian has gotten even better? It certainly looks that way as his all round play is matching, if not exceeding, his ridiculous output. Every single time he touches the ball now, there’s magic. He’s just a phenom. We’re watching an all time great here and we can’t help but enjoy every stroke of this artist’s brush.

A modern day Liverpool great

Looking forward. On to the big one now. Manchester City at home. We owe that mob one. They’ve walked all over us last two times we’ve played them, even if there were mitigating circumstances. You need to beat your rivals at home if you want to win this league, and having failed to do so against Chelsea, this right here almost becomes a must win, definitely a must not lose.


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