Written by Misheals

Liverpool Football Club, with their famous Anfield stadium welcome back it’s famous raucous crowds as the commencement of the 2021/22 season beckons. It’s been an exhilarating summer with numerous sporting activities, from the Euros, to the Copa America, glued together with the Olympics. Sport lovers have really had a full blown couple of weeks, well occupied and engaged.

The Euros kept us entertained

Yet, nothing beats the euphoric feelings we get every weekend as clubs, and players, draped in colorful jerseys line up all over the country to contest the highly revered English Premier League. As the seconds turns into minutes, minutes into hours, and hours into days, the countdown has reached fever pitch, and fans can’t wait to hear the Mike Deans, Kevin Friends, Stuart Atwells et al empty their lungs into a whistle.

All under the commentaries of Martin Tyler, Jim Beglin and the famous football commentary word poet Peter Drury. Liverpool, with their army of diehard fans and mentality monster team, led by the enigmatic scruffy bearded, spectacle wearing, German giant, Jurgen Nörbert Klopp will also be gearing up to do battle this season. They go up against behemoths and free spending giants like Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United and co.

They will be hoping to quickly vanquish the sad tale that was their narrative in the previous season. They know fully well, that when all their players are fit and kicking, they’re no slouch themselves, and are inarguably one of the very best teams in the land. The summer hasn’t been the most enjoyable for those of the Liverpool persuasion though, as they’ve had to watch on with jealousy as teams in and around them have gone all out, splashing obscene fees.

Romelu Lukaku has joined Chelsea for huge money

These fees on new toys have come in to improve already fiery and fearsome squads. All the while, ‘only’ the towering French youngster, Ibrahima Konate has walked through the revolving doors at the AXA training ground. The transfer window still has a few weeks left before slamming shut until winter, and a whole lot of outgoings and incomings could still happen.

The general mood among fans of the Liverbird persuasion, is still that of jealousy at their rivals. Intertwined with the jealousy is resentment cum angst and frustration towards the owners of the club, Fenway Sports group (FSG). All in all though, the beloved, most competitive and appealing league starts in a matter of hours and regardless of the color of your persuasion;

Be it the reds of Liverpool, sky blue of City, Lily Whites of Tottenham, red and black of Manchester United, blue of Chelsea, one thing is most certain; The season will be nerve wracking, emotion jangling, and exciting all at the same time.

The Kop in full voice

What are your expectations for your team? Let me know in the comments section below.




  1. We didnt do that much business in the transfer but theres still time. If we manage to sign and strengthen in the mid and attack then am confident to say we can win the league again but for now, winning a cup and qualifying for CL will be fine for me.

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  2. I cant wait for the season to start. I think we do have a strong team. We didnt do that much business in the transfer window, although there’s still time, i think if we can sign a mid and a Forward then i’ll be confident to say we’ll win the league but for now i think a Cup win and qualifying for CL will be a great archievement.

    Up the Reds!!

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  3. I agree with you that with two players for depth, our team just about level up with the free spending City and Chelsea… All in all though, a trophy and UCL would be a very successful season


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