Liverpool played technically their first pre-season game of the summer against Mainz. The first two run outs were more like training sessions with it being 30 minutes each. This feels more like a normal game with Jurgen Klopp starting with a strong XI. We will quickly run through the observations from a first half that ended goalless.

Quiet half for him as he didn’t have a single save to make. Calm in possession and always aimed for Salah with his long passes.

Looked bright, whipped in a few dangerous crosses. He seems to have taken assistant manager Pep Ljinders’ words to heart as he sought to shoot anytime he could. There was one play where he received the ball on the left hand side of the Mainz box but before he could shoot, the ref had blown for an earlier free kick. He seems eager to get into better shooting positions and perhaps that’s one thing he can add to his game. Whipped one free kick over.

His range of passing is such an asset. Always looking to break a few lines with his passing out from the back.

Was impressive. Him and Keita were the pick of the bunch. He charged upfield to press high and didn’t win the ball, Mainz countered and played the ball down the right wing, as the cross was swung in, Konate had made his way back to clear it. He’s absolutely rapid. Another instant close to halftime where he lost the ball in a dangerous area but went steaming in to win it back with a crunching tackle before gliding forward past three to win a free kick.

In the wars as he took a couple of blows. Loves to cross. Didn’t really get involved much. Good to see more of him this pre-season.

Two crunching tackles reminded everybody James Milner was on the pitch. Stuck to his new role as DM well and put out a few fires. Lacks the recovery pace for when the opposition counters, and backed off to much to allow one shot but overall he was solid.

The pick of the bunch. Just danced around the opposition like they weren’t even there. Almost like it’s too easy for him. One instance he went past three and was fouled. Hopefully he can stay fit.

Quiet, bar one ambitious shot from am impossible angle. A bit too lightweight when the midfield battle gets physical.

Full of running in behind. A couple of times he came close to going through on goal but his touch let him down. Very rusty but that’s what pre-season is for.

Again in his new role. Got the two best opportunities but couldn’t ustilise them. First one fell to him from a Matip flick off a corner but he blazed high from a few yards under pressure from a defender. Second one was after a lovely interchange between Mane and Keita, but his curled effort was too close to the keeper who pushed it behind.

Went close once or twice. Didn’t want to stretch his legs too much so instead of running past his man, always chose to stand him up and try and dribble.


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